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A hot shoot this week with fan favorites Maya and Kiki. They are real life friends and have been wanting to shoot together for a while. Look for their scenes on RS and RSI over the next few weeks.
That pesky virus finally caught up with us. After staying clear of it for a year and a half, we now have our editor/camera man in quarantine for a couple weeks. It should only affect the first four days of this week (Sep 20-24). You can expect an all new orginal update for both RS and RSI on Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. -The RSN Team
We just discovered that we had an issue with our customer service ticket system that led to some tickets failing to reach us. It has been fixed now and we are working to get things caught up. If you recently sent a ticket and did not receive a response, please resend it and we will get it taken care of as quickly as we can. Thank you and we are very sorry for the delay.
Coronavirus Update: Due to an abundance of caution during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are moving to a reduced shooting schedule. To protect our shooting crew and our models, Wednesday updates on RS and RSI will be remastered vintage clips from our archives. Instead of one update on each site, there will be two. These will often be videos that members have not seen, due to the lower quality compression of the older scenes. The scenes will be recaptured from the master tapes, reedited, and then compressed at DVD quality. The Monday and Friday updates will remain the same as they have always been. This will just be temporary until we are over this public health crisis. Thank you for your understand and stay safe out there.
Check out our newest site RealNakedSpankings.com Featuring our finest all nude spanking scenes on a new platform optimized for mobile devices.
Due to electrical storms in the Denver area knocking out our internet for most of the day, the Friday updates to all sites have been delayed. They will be going up overnight on Friday night. We apologize for the inconvenience. -The RSN Team
New girl Anastasia as well as fan favorites Alice and Ten all have painful new scenes up on RS and RSI this week.
Just had an amazing shoot with micro hottie Alice. Her new scenes are already starting to go up on RS and RSI.
The new server migration is complete! Thank you everyone for your patience. The search function should be back to normal and the sites should be noticeably faster. As always, if you have any issues send us a ticket through the Customer Service link. Thanks!
We just recently discovered a technical issue with our customer service ticket system that resulted in a few tickets being lost. Everything has been fixed and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you recently submitted a ticket and it was not replied to, could you please resubmit it and we will get to it quickly. Thanks! The RS Team
Gorgeous little hottie Stevie Rose is in our studio today! Watch for her scenes to appear over the next couple weeks on RS and RSI.
Good News! The server migration has been completed and access to all sites has been restored! We apologize for the delay, but think everyone will find it was worth it for the increased speeds. Thank eveyone as always for your membership and your patience as we work to upgrade all the sites. Thanks! The RSN Team.
Members, while upgrading a server, our host company experienced an unfortunate technical issue that has taken several of our sites off line. This includes OTK-Spankings, RealStrappings, BiSpankings, TeenJessica, TeenBrandi and SpankingBaily. No data was lost and a new machine is being put online right now. Our host estimates everything should be back online within 24 hours. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and your membership.
Six new models have joined us in the last month! Watch for their scenes on Real Spankings and Real Spankings Institute.
We just finished a fantastic four girl shoot with Alyssa, Kajira, Monica and Syrena! Watch for scenes to start showing up on RealSpankings.com and RealSpankingsInstitute.com on Feb 25th.
Sisters! A special sisters update today (Jan 30), as we feature our favorite sister spanking models on both OTK-Spankings.com and RealStrappings.com. Give them some love!
Long lost and lovely Raquel returned this week to do shoots for Real Spankings and Real Spankings Institute. Watch for both shoots to go live in the next week. Welcome back Raquel!
Roxie goes to #1! This week one of our new models, Roxie, gets her first #1 rated scene on RealSpankings.com: 'Roxie: A Hard School Paddling'. Go Roxie, go Roxie!
Take a moment this weekend to remember our veterans and active duty service members. Semper Fi. Want to help a wounded vet? Go here: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/
ATTN ANDROID USERS: The MX PLAYER has just been released. This new FREE player allows the viewing of all of our videos on Android mobile devices. The MX PLAYER is available for free from the Google Play Store. Get it and get your spank on anywhere! Let us know in a customer service ticket how it is working for you. Thanks from the RSN Team.
I have started a Tumblr blog in which many of our greatest pictures are being featured. In addition, I will often give sneak peeks of scenes moments after they are filmed. Come and check out the new blog at http://michaelrmasterson.tumblr.com/
Today we filmed 6 great scenes, all based on requests we received at worldspankingforum.com. Login in today and get your scenes filmed!
New Four Girl Punishments! Four Girl Paddling, Strapping, and a Four Girl Naked Spank-o-Thon!! New Models and the Return of Michael Masterson !!
Happy Holidays to Everyone from the RealSpankings Network! May the New Year bring you lots of Spanks and Kisses!! --xoxo, Betty Blaze and the RSN Crew
Hey All. We had a brief server outage Sunday evening (May 07), that lasted a few hours. It was cause by multiple switch failures at our server center. We always strive for 100% reliability and apologize for the inconvenience. As always, Thanks for your membership!
You may have noticed a substantial increase in video quality over the last few weeks. We have done a major upgrade to our video compression system that has resulted in a big jump in quality. File sizes are a bit larger now, so you may experience slightly increased download times. But it should be worth it for the image quality upgrade. Please let us know if you experience any technical issues through our Customer Service link. As always, thank you for your membership!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our members from all of us here at Real Spankings Network! May your new year be filled to the brim with pink bottoms and teary eyes. Happy Holidays!
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Hey Everyone! Just an update on the server move. Some final maintenance relating to the new datacenter will be going on Tues 30 November between 9pm and Midnight MST. We apologize for the inconvenience but think everyone will be happy with the new configuration. - The Real Spankings Team
New DataCenter: We will be relocating our servers to a new state-of-the-art Datacenter on Thursday November 18th. This will give our members improved access to all our sites and lay the technical ground work for the improvements we have planned for all the sites in the Real Spankings Network. The move is scheduled for 9pm MST on the 18th and could result in the servers being off-line for as long 3 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members, but believe everyone will be happy with the results. Thanks -The Real Spankings Team
See the newest entry into our vintage cocktail themed series, 'A Bitter Manhattan', with Betty and JT, available today (2010-10-22) on RealSpankings and RealSpankingsPremium.
On March 18th we will be adding a new concept to Realspankings.com in which you get to see a private discipline session with Michael Masterson and one of the young ladies that he has been punishing privately for more than 2 years. You will get to witness first hand a very real discipline session, for real offenses. This is one of the most severe scenes ever produced by us, you it is not for the faint of heart. This is a very severe strapping, hairbrushing, and caning, full speed and full force from beginning to end.
We are very excited to annouce the launch of our new site SpankedCoeds.com. We have partnered up with Headmaster Ken to bring you some of the most realistic and hardest spanking videos to hit the Web in quite some time. This site is launching with well over 50 videos, with a new, full update Monday-Friday. This site goes live at 5:00 PM, Wed. August 12th, so get over there and check out the free samples and signup today. In aknowledgement of the tough economic times, this site is only 14.95 a month.
Make sure you check out the World Spanking Forum for up to date photos of each of our new shoots. Thank you, The Realspankings Team
Happy New Year!!!
We are considering adding a new video format to our videos. WMV, MP4, MOV. Please go to the World Spanking Forum and voice your opinion.


The Realspankings Network Team
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RSN Team
SPECIAL: RS Updates Every DAY!
From 12/12 until 12/25 RS Members will get all new updates EVERY DAY!
Happy Holidays From RSN

25 Days of Christmas Fun
Find out about the latest shoots, read interviews, see the new studio sets and have fun with our Real Spankings Trivia every day this month at World Spanking Forum.
This Weeks Shoots

This week we have Betty and Bailey coming into the new studio along with a secret new spanker..... Check out all of the news at the World Spanking Forum.
Holiday Week Shoots

Scene filming has begun as we welcomed Kailee and Monica into the new studio today!
New Server
We successfully upgraded our main server. Please let us know if you run into any problems. Customer Service

New Studio
We are nearing the completion of our new studio. Only a few things need to happen before we start filming again. We hope to be filming in the next few weeks.

Thank you
RSN Team
We have several maintenance issues coming up, and we wanted to inform our members about these.

On Friday (11.14.2008) our hosting company will be replacing a major internet connection between the hours of 02:00 - 03:00 MST. They are not certain it will take an hour, however this will affect all of our websites.

Beginning today (11.13.2008) we will begin migrating some of our sties to a new server. We have been working diligently over the past week to prepare a new home for Real Spankings, Premium, Institute, Spanking-videos and Women Spanking Men. We hope to have this move completed by the end of today, however it may spill over a bit into tomorrow.

Thank you
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RealSpankingsPass Fall Special

For 1 month only we are offering 50% off the regular price for RealSpankingsPass. That's $34.95 (USD) for 8 of the best spanking sites around.

This price will remain for the life of your subscription this price is NOT for the first 30 days and then rebilling at the regular rate but 34.95 for the LIFE of the subscription.
All New AEG Headquarters

It is official, AEG completed its move to the new building over the weekend. To take a peek at our 11,000 square foot headquarters, see pictures on the World Spanking Forum here.

Construction of our new sets has already started, see pictures here.
New Movie Released

Punishment Profiles III - Punishment Profiles III brings together some of our favorite models for their first on-screen spanking. Get real life interviews and see what brings many models into the spanking industry.
Update 2!!!
After two very longs days, RS is 100% returned to its normal state.

We are currently working on getting the 1500 encodings back to RSP.
We have diligently checked both of these sites, however if you see anything out of place please let us know.

Thank you,
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We have restored all the video content to RS and are currently missing images for only 10 scenes. These will be up tomorrow

We are working on getting the data transferred to RSP at the present time, and hope to have this complete within the next several hours.

We do greatly appreciate your patience.

Thank You
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Dear Members,

We had an issue on one of our servers last night that wiped out most of the data for RealSpankings.com and RealSpankingsPremium.com. We are in the process of recovering these two websites at the present time.

Please understand that while we will recover the websites pages very quickly it may take some time to recover all the data. We will update you all throughout the day, and let you know when this process has been completed.

Thank you
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If you are experiencing problems with any other site, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.
Our latest shoot went great and Mr. M administered some hard spankings. Check out the World Spanking Forum for updates.


The Realspankings Network Team
We wanted to let everyone know we have a great shoot coming up soon. Jessica, Betty, Bailey, and Raquel are going to be subjected to the hard spankings of Mr. M. Check out the World Spanking Forum for updates.


The Realspankings Network Team
Server Maintenance Part II
We are currently working on one of our server upgrading some essential software. This may cause some intermittent downtime. We are making ever effort to limit this to as little time as possible.

We do greatly appreciate your patience while we are preforming these upgrades.

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Server Maintenance Complete
As of 6am MST on Monday, July 14, 2008 our weekend server maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience as we work to provide you updated services.

Real Spankings Pass add a Site!
Some of you may have noticed that we added Spanking Bailey to Real Spankings Pass. All current members of RealSpankingsPass now have Spanking Bailey added to their portfolio. That makes 8 great sites under one subscription.

Even More Great News!!!

Now when you join any of RSN Solo Teen Sites you now receive access to the other three Solo Teen Sites as an added bonus. This is our RSN 4 Pack of Teen Sites. All existing members already have had the other teen sites added to their portfolios.

As always if you all have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department

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If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support

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RSN 4 Pack
Some of you may have noticed that we added Spanking Bailey to Real Spankings Pass. All current members of RealSpankingsPass now have Spanking Bailey added to their portfolio. That makes 8 great sites under one subscription.

Even More Great News!!!

Now when you join any of RSN Solo Teen Sites you now receive access to the other three Solo Teen Sites as an added bonus. This is our RSN 4 Pack of Teen Sites. All existing members already have had the other teen sites added to their portfolios.

As always if you all have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department

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World Spanking Forum
Come converse with your fellow members at The World Spanking Forum

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Database Outage
Early this morning we experienced a database outage on one of our servers affecting most of our sites. We had to restore from an older backup, which did not incldue Wednesday or Today's updates. However the probem has been resolved.

We do apologise for the delay in providing todays update.

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We have redesigned RSN to better inform the user about our sites. We have added a Update page and a model index page. Check it out!!
Welcome to the lastest edition to Real Spankings Network. Come watch Bailey as as her bottom is punished until it is bruised and red.
SANTA MONICA, California (EPOCH) Between late 1999 and late 2006 Epoch marketed its services under both the Epoch brand and the Paycom brand. With the acquisition of the domain name Epoch.com last year, Epoch has been in a transition period to maximize the brand recognition of Epoch and phase out the usage of the Paycom brand.

"We've been Epoch since the very beginning" says Joel Hall, co-founder and CEO of Epoch. "Rather than maintain branding and marketing efforts under two names, we have consolidated our efforts. We're very happy to be moving forward as Epoch."

Since we use Epoch (PayCom) as our secondary billing processor on all our sites, I wanted to inform our members, that we are not changing billing processors. We've been happy with Epoch's services, and plan to remain with them, untill we hear otherwise from our members.

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In an attempt to improve our customer service, we are moving away from the use of the "Webmaster" email addresses, and have implemented a ticket based system. We are currently receiving over 10,000 SPAM messages a day on our Wembaster addresses, making it a very time consuming processes to even check these email accounts. As with the old email based support, we are going to respond within 24 hours for problems submitted on the weekdays, and 48 – 72 hours for those problems reported on the weekends.

I have updated all the customer service links on RS to use the new ticketing system, including the “Scene Problem Reports”. About 70% of the Scene Problem Reports we have received would be better severed if the user could have received a response from our Customer Service Department.

Thank you,
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Scene Problem Reports

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Lately we have received several similar reports, so I put together a few troubleshooting tips.

1. You must be using real media player for all files ending with a 'rm' extension. Files having a 'wmv' extension should be played in Windows Media Player. Furthermore you cannot simply change the extension to change the player.

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For only $18.00 USD a month you will receive all exclusive scenes featuring Bailey. SpankingBailey.com also is home to Bailey's official blog, where members will be able to read Bailey's thoughts and comment / communicate with her. As always we have many free samples to go with our new site.
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RealSpankingsPremium.com (29.95). Join today and save!!!

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We hope you are enjoying your subscription. However we wanted to let you all know about the newest addition to The RealSpankingsNetwork, RealSpankings Premium.

This new site will feature all the great content found on RealSpankings.com, and BISpanking.com.

As an added bonus you will receive:
All New Updates include a 1500Kbps option (going back 5+ months)
Download Zip files of your favorite images
One Free Streaming VOD movie each month
Exclusive Spanking Stories (some of which are written by our very own Bailey)

Please check it out

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We are excited to annouce two new additions to the RealSpankingsPass.com.

Real Strappings

Thats 7 Great Sites for One Low Price
First, we would like to say thank you to the fine folks at Shadowlane for throwing this kick ass event.

We will be hosting a side party Saturday Night, Feb 25th, starting at 10:00pm to 2:00am. There is a change in the location, originally it was at the Wynn, but they could not accommodate a large crowd, so the party will be in 2 conjoining suites at The Venetian. We will be filming content from about 10pm to 11pm which will include a long spanking contest.

Since we would love to invite everyone but we can't, we will be auctioning off 25 tickets on ebay starting Jan. 30th. The ticket price will start at $10.00 a piece.

Liquor and snacks will be provided at no cost and lots and lots of hard spanking action.

As you know things can always change and we will let everyone know if they do.

Please let me know if you have any direct questions. You can post them here or email me directly at mrg@realspankings.com

To post comments please visit The news thread on WSF

or visit Shadow Lane for more details

The tickets are now on Ebay. Here is the link to the auction Ebay Autction